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Purpose Unveiled

Pacific Coast Network is not a seminary, but a powerful tool for ministry leaders seeking to discover how God can use them to create lasting impact. Our platform empowers leaders within the Wesleyan / Holiness tradition by providing resources, lessons, and connections designed to foster spiritual growth, effective leadership, and vibrant ministry.

Faith Embodied

In a world hungry for authenticity, Wesleyan / Holiness churches play a crucial role in demonstrating faith in action. We emphasize the importance of being the church without walls, reaching beyond the confines of our buildings to embody Christ’s message of love, grace, and justice. The Pacific Coast Network is dedicated to equipping leaders to live out this vital calling in today’s complex and ever-changing landscape.

Partners United

We are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partner organizations, all committed to the common goal of empowering church leaders and advancing the Kingdom of God.

Rooted Beginnings

The Pacific Coast Network is sponsored by the Free Methodist Church in Southern California, a denomination with a rich history of compassionate ministry, social justice, and transformative faith. Upholding the core values of the Wesleyan / Holiness tradition, our mission is to provide church leaders with the tools and insights they need to lead their congregations and communities into a vibrant future.