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Our Church History

Explore Church history: from creation & covenant to global expansion, embracing challenges, reformations, and maintaining faith across generations.

Unearth the origins, examine the evolution, and understand the unique identity of your Methodist/Wesleyan church. Grapple with historical challenges, dissect pivotal moments such as the East-West Schism, and appreciate the transformative roles of the Protestant Reformation and Scientific Revolution. Equip yourself to lead with purpose, historical insight, and spiritual resilience.

In this 6-lesson series on Church History, you will learn:

  • The origins of Christian faith, starting from creation and covenant.
  • The story of Jesus as a prophet, teacher, and healer empowering people to experience God’s life.
  • The challenges faced in maintaining unity and Christian identity across diverse cultures and vast distances during the first millennium after Christ’s ascension.
  • The impact of the East-West Schism (1054) on the formation and reformation of the European Church, leading to the Protestant Reformation.
  • The role of the Protestant Reformation, Scientific Revolution, and Age of Discovery in shaping both the Enlightenment and Methodism.
  • The evolution and global expansion of Wesleyan Holiness Christians, the 21st-century Church’s local and transnational presence, and their mission to embody the Body of Christ.

Lessons in This Course