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The Basics: Wesleyan Theology

Curious about your beliefs on God or what 'being saved' means? Join us as we explore these big questions to deepen our understanding.

Methodism was a Christian movement started by John Wesley in the mid-1700’s as a way to come closer to the living God. He was following in a tradition of people who wanted to know more about God and wanted to see God’s Spirit make a difference in their lives.

The course is provided entirely online with opportunities to reflect through engaging questions and prompts. It’s broken into four lessons:

  1. What is Theology?
  2. The Wesleyan Holiness Stream of Christianity
  3. The Christian Journey
  4. The Wesleyan Quadrilateral

No additional materials are needed to start this course, but you might want to grab your Bible and be ready to Google any terms or phrases that are unfamiliar.

Lessons in This Course